To my family, friends, and all the plants and animals who keep me alive and fed.

To these creative folk:
Logo and Label illustration by Mali Fischer-  http://www.malifischer.com/
Farmer's Market sign by Brenna Jael- Slow Art Studio

Teachers & wise ones I have studied with or currently study with: 

Aviva Romm MD, of Herbal Medicine for Women
Leslie Lekos, Wildroot Botanicals
Suzanne Tabert, of Cedar Mountain Herb School

deep living/grief/death/human making
Stephen Jenkinson, of Orphan Wisdom School

Elfi Dillon-Shaw
Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment

T E S T I M O N I A L S  

"What good news that I will be able,  once again, obtain some of my favourite Wild Beloved potions and tinctures.  I particularly appreciate Yarrow, and love Just Grand Oxymel.  There's yarrow in Working Hands Salve too, in a soothing, healing oils and beeswax mix that works for "older" hands." 
- Diane, 80

"After just a few minutes with Eleanor in her advice booth, I was able to face the truth about my long-term relationship and the essence of why it wasn't working...but in the most gentle way, feeling loved and supported by her. Eleanor is present and caring, and very passionate about humanity and health and love."
- Brenna, 45

"I have used several Wild Beloved products and love them all!! I especially love my Milky Oats tincture and Rent Heart elixir, these products have been very nourishing and healing for me. Eleanor combines her deep understanding of herbs with high quality ingredients and healing intentions into everything that she does!"
-Alicia, 33

"I am in receipt of your beautiful, clean, crisp, yummy vibration Yarrow tincture. I’m sensitive so I’m taking one drop two to three times per day (three times during work days). I have relied on Yarrow Flower Essence for many years for my boundaries and weaving my aura tighter, as mine was indeed leaky. It doesn’t come up as my primary Flower Essence as much in the past years, but it has lately! What a fantastic treat to have a Yarrow tincture that has more substance and such great vibes in it. It so far outshines the FES and even Perelandra Flower Essences. I can totallllllly feel the love in it!"

-Ty, 50