Are you ready to re-connect to your WILD BELOVED?

Be g i n n i n g   J U N E  2 0 1 8! 

 This summer I am now accepting new clients for THE SESSIONS - my one on one consultations on Eros and herbs. 
All sessions are held in private and with complete confidentiality.
It is my honor & privilege to support your well being.

Please follow the links below for more detailed descriptions! 

T H E   S E S S I O N S
are a result of my years of study and inquiry into sexuality, herbalism, relationships, communication, trauma,
storytelling, writing, de-colonization, animism, ritual, magic, and love...

+ + + 

For those needing support in their erotic and love relationships

For those seeking support on health and wellness, or simply wish to cultivate a deeper relationship to medicinal herbs

An alchemical approach to matters of the heart and the erotic; we will work with plant allies to cultivate a deep connection to that wild beloved one who resides in each of us. 


The bedroom can be a throne of ecstasy, a place of deep rest, of deep surrender!
It can also be a source of pain, stagnation, and despair.
Let me help you discover new ways to see what might be lying in the shadows, as we re-imagine ways to court Eros back to life, back into your bedroom and uncover the wild beloved one waiting in the wings...

+ + +

Sessions will be held on Lopez Island, WA on Mondays at Pachamama Apothecary,
by appointment in a private location in the woods, in your home,
and/or via Facetime or Skype

+ + +

A note on PRICING:  these rates reflect current coaching/consultation rates, though they are on the low end, as current average rate is $200/hour. I, like many of you, have a plethora of expenses- from rent, to gas, to groceries, to dependent care. In an economic system where so many of our ways go unnoticed and valued, I strive to be as transparent as possible. That being said, I am in support of people being paid well for their gifts, labors, and art. 

If you are a person who feels genuinely called to work with me, but are of limited financial means, please contact me through my contact form, and we can find a suitable arrangement.
Applicable barters and trades are welcome! 

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