NEW CLASS :: Three Treasures in Times of Trouble

H A R M O N I C  R E S O N A N C E  &  W I L D  B E L O V E D  


A three class series on sound, plant, & erotic alchemy


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Sacred Bowl :: Seat of Creation

Western Red Cedar
Full Moon planetary frequency

Wings wide :: Heart Open

Venus planetary frequency

Bold Voice :: Speak Your Truth

New Moon planetary frequency


3 Classes // $325
3 Sundays // August 26, September 16, September 23
or 1 class for $135

11:00 am - 6:00 pm

private location on Lopez Island, WA

Details to follow upon registration 

scholarships upon availability
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::: Learning Intention :::

This three class series explores the weaving between sound, plants, and the erotic. Vibration and sound frequencies exist within the human and non-human realms. Sound frequencies and plant allies have much to teach us about the health of a system.

In each class you will experience frequency. You will make medicine, and leave with a product you make. You will eat delicious organic food. You will meet and spend time with other complex beautiful beings in a rural beautiful location on Lopez Island, WA.

In each class you will connect a part of your body and being with sound and a plant ally.  Sound helps us resonate with the elemental properties of the plant and planets. When we come into relationship with them we align and re-connect. 

In times of trouble we are better able to take care of one another by cultivating our own treasures. Within our wombs and bellies, lie not only our creative forces, but our intuitive sensing abilities; when this area is out of balance we are unable to create, flourish, and nurture ourselves and others. When we soften into the sorrow and breaks of our hearts, we access more love. From our throats we speak dreams into existence, we sing life into being.

Eros is the spirit of erotic creation that birthed each one of us humans onto earth! Our culture’s roots have imprinted many of us with a story of separation between spirit and body; when in fact the two are interwoven. The times are asking us to access our creative spirits and bring these parts of us into symbiotic relationship. 

We hope you will join us!