photo by Callie Blue Heron North

photo by Callie Blue Heron North

W I L D  
adj. Old English before the year 800, wilde, in the natural state, uncultivated, undomesticated. Old Frisian wile, Old Saxon wilde, middle dutch wilde. Its many modern day connotations include: that which is untamed, free, loose, unbound/unruly, or unknown.

adj. late 14th century, from past participle of verb belove (c. 1200), from be- + loven "to love" (see love (v.)). Noun meaning "one who is beloved" is from 1520s.

In his heartbreaking/heart-mending book, A Language Older Than Words, writer Derrick Jensen asks with readers to imagine what it would take to "defend one's beloved." 


Hello, I'm Eleanor Burke, or Eleanor June ~
      I call myself by the latter specifically in the online realm and in my work around sexuality. 
     I started calling myself that when I when I first set up shop at our farmer's market offering a Sex and Love Advice booth for $1/minute. Given the amount of sexual violence and pain there in this world, I am not oblivious to the danger there is to putting oneself out there in the work of sexuality; as soon as you begin to speak on such matters all sorts of demons, haunts, sorrowful rage, and festering wounds of the present // not so present of many generations show up; so this pen name, if you will, allowed me some distance from my own ancestry (begging forgiveness), and allowed me to don a personalty I need to embody when I approach this work.  I continue to educate myself and am always learning. Perhaps, one day I'll feel strong enough to carry my kin's last name when doing this work. Until then...

 A N D  = I'm a writer, mama, dreamer, sister to 5, cousin, auntie, daughter, folk herbalist, gardener, singer, edge walker, and bridge builder. I remain endlessly curious about things like: relationships, ancestor worship, morphic resonance, economics, courting the muse, resilience, community, what it takes to become a full human being, and living and loving in the 21st century.  

Raised in the deep South I was influenced early on by a steady stream of ghost stories, the history of slavery, kudzu, sweltering heat, torrential thunderstorms, churches everywhere, and running in the woods as part of my homeschooling upbringing.

During University I studied creative writing, environmentalism, social justice, and philosophy. I got my sex education through Sex and the City, Feminism, napkin poetry, and $3 jazz nights. Now I get it from nootka rose, cedar trees, books on tantra, The Delta of Venus, s l o w  t o u c h, breath work, dance, song, and music.  

Love and life took me to the west coast, where I've now spent the last decade.  

I currently divide my time between the San Juan Islands, Bellingham, WA and Warbler Creek Farm, in Saluda County, SC. 

W I L D  B E LO V E D is a vessel for exploring and supporting these times we find ourselves in. 

>>>>>>>>>   W E L C O M E  <<<<<<<<<