photo by Callie Blue Heron North

photo by Callie Blue Heron North

W I L D  
adj. Old English before the year 800, wilde, in the natural state, uncultivated, undomesticated. Old Frisian wile, Old Saxon wilde, middle dutch wilde. Its many modern day connotations include: that which is untamed, free, loose, unbound/unruly, or unknown.

adj. late 14th century, from past participle of verb belove (c. 1200), from be- + loven "to love" (see love (v.)). Noun meaning "one who is beloved" is from 1520s. From Middle English belove, from Old English belāf, first and third person singular past indicative of belīfan (“to remain”). 

In his heartbreaking/heart-mending book, A Language Older Than Words, writer Derrick Jensen asks with readers to imagine what it would take to "defend one's beloved." 

W I L D   B E L O V E D  was born in 2011

This space continues to be a vessel for exploring and supporting these times we find ourselves in.
For selling seasonal, small batch, wildcrafted and/or organically cultivated herbal extracts.
For offering coaching and classes on eroticism, sexuality, communication, health, and herbalism


Hello! I'm Eleanor Burke or Eleanor June
I'm a mother, writer, singer, poet, scholar, sexuality scholar & educator, and folk herbalist...
... a human devoted to remembering what it means to be human...

D E V O T I O N  to  C O M M U N I C A T I ON

I sing to the sun. I stroke the bark of trees. I sing blues songs to my gardens, especially when the weight of the world has got me down. I whisper hello to flowers in the neighborhoods. I began writing in journals at age 7, and almost thirty years later I'm still writing in journals. But verbal communication is only one way of communicating. 

Raised in the deep South, I was influenced early on by a steady stream of ghost stories, the history of slavery, kudzu, sweltering heat, torrential thunderstorms, churches everywhere, and running in the woods as part of my homeschool upbringing. It was in those woods that I first began to learn to listen to sweetgum and crawdad creek and mockingbird and cedar wax wing.

I began learning more deeply about herbs by working in an organic tea house over a decade ago in Sonoma County, and regular visits to the iconic herb shop Rosemary's Garden. From there I moved to the San Juan Islands to apprentice on an organic farm; as much as I loved growing vegetables, and still do, I was more drawn to the herbs and flowers. From that point I began wildcrafting and studied books on herbalism by Aviva Romm, Susun Weed, Micheal Moore, and Rosemary Gladstar, to name a few.  My practice continues to be one based on reciprocity, listening, and learning; it's been a a slow journey of falling in love and getting to know the plants in my bio-region of Cascadia and the Salish Sea. 

My Approach to H E R B A L I SM & HEALTH

Relationship based
Place based
Clinically Informed
 Vitalist Minded
home grown - for the people

D E V O T I ON  to  S E N S I T I V I T Y

My sexuality and love path is one that has been informed by my own calling to the realms of desire, freedom, pleasure, from falling in love, countless heartbreaks, and living through relationship abuse and sexual assault. While I once used the term "failure" to describe a break up, I began to ask myself why? As Eckhart Tolle says:  better to have learned from failed relationships, than avoid relationships at all.  And who says it was a failure anyways?! Avoiding intimate relationship will not heal us or "save" us from pain. We are here because of relationship! We have evolved this far on planet Earth because of cooperation, NOT self-interest and greed! Like any skill we take up to learn, we can learn to LOVE and communicate more effectively! (why don't they teach this is public school again)? Each relationship we find ourselves, whether intimate or otherwise, offers the opportunity for reflection, learning, redemption, and the possibility to cut through the illusion of separateness and remember who we truly are: beings of LOVE.

))) ) ) ) )( ( ( ( (((

TO Re-connection to the natural world
TO our intuitive natures
TO our inherent wildness
TO courtesy
TO depth
TO heart
TO love

I have worked with teenagers, peers, and elders of many shapes, sizes, genders, & orientations.
I work one on one or in small groups. 


Over the years I have studied:  Western herbalism, somatics, sexuality, consciousness, communication, poetry, education, mindfulness, spirituality, psychology, home birth, child rearing, mysticism, metaphysics, resilience, organic food growing, community activism, mythology, and more. I have taken classes with people like Charles Eisenstein, The Space Between the Stories, and Katherine Woodward Thomas' Feminine Power, (which on a side note, when I went through it cost several hundred dollars; now it's FREE)!

W H A T   E L S E ?
In 2009 I homebirthed my son! His birth led me deeper into learning about holistic health, herbalism, and the politics of birth in the United States.  In 2010 I trained as a birth and post-partum doula with Carrie Kenner of Big Belly Services. I once made a tiny zine called It's a Farm Life- the most popular issue was the one where I wrote about helping with a hog slaughter.  I can't whistle. I can split wood and start a fire- given I have enough kindling!  I lost my southern accent. I love garden grown food, long walks with friends, sheets dried on a clothes line, knowing my farmers, and dance parties. Cold water bathing is one of my self care strategies.  Sharing a pot of herbal tea is still one of my preferred methods for taking herbs.

I am based in Whatcom county, WA
I divide my time between the San Juan Islands, WA, Bellingham, WA  & Saluda County, SC. 

If you're interested in working together
please visit
The Sessions page, or send me a letter via the contact form.

T H AN K  Y O U  for  V IS I T I N G !

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